Music: Brothers Osborne Know How To Mix Their Rum

Brothers Osborne Rum

Starin’ at the prettiest part of this powder keg world Sittin’ with the finest example of a beautiful girl If we hadn’t hit the brakes, we’d have no idea Paradise was hidin’ right here Nashville singer/songwriter duo Brothers Osborne have released their new single “Rum” to country radio. Any song titled "Rum" is something I must share with you Castaways!  The Brothers, TJ and John, wrote … [Read more...]

Soca Music: Your Rays by Lutenants


It's time to add another jam to your ISLAND playlist. This week's song is called "Your Rays" and is by the UK's Caribbean duo, the Lutenants. "The greatest form of sustenance remains the most neglected aspect of our existence. We bask in its warm glow failing all the while to realize that without the sun, there would be no us." Deep and thought words by the group, ones that ring true for … [Read more...]

Music: Tequila Kiss by Radical Something

Tequila Kiss

To help kick start your week, here is a great song from titled Tequila Kiss by California band, Radical Something. It's simple, catchy and pays homage to the sun drenched lifestyle with tequila and other feel good beverages. Can't really go wrong with a combination like that. Cheers! Free "Tequila Kiss" MP3 Download - Tour Dates - Listen To … [Read more...]

Music: Pressure – Virgin Islands Nice

Caribbean Music

I have to give thanks to our friends at No Shoes Radio for this great song. Headphones on, eyes staring at the screen, and fingers taping away at the keys--it's easy to fall into a trance in an office job. The sweet tunes of No Shoes Radio often help me get through the day. A couple weeks ago I heard the song, "Virgin Islands Nice" by an artist called Pressure. The song instantly struck a … [Read more...]

Music: Gone – By Jake and the Half Conched Band

Gone Jake and the Half Conched Band

Gone like goodbye Gone like adios Gone like a gringo drunk in Mexico Don't we all wish we could call in dead? Never have to go into work again and live life in a constant state of island bliss? It's easy to say but hard to do. That's why songs like Gone from Jake and the Half Conched Band are so great, they free our minds so that we can escape to that happy place, even if it is for only a … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean Stories

Rooftop bars over looking the Caribbean, awesome beach bars of Punta Cana, and somewhat sad news from Margaritaville. The Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up is a must read if you're in love with the islands. I just read Bahama Bob's report that the 10 store Margaritaville restaurant chain was sold to a Brazilian company. I'll let you read the details that are linked below, sad news indeed. I can … [Read more...]

Mishka “Love and Devotion”

Mishka Love and Devotion

I don't know a better way to start a Monday than listening to some Mishka. It sets the tone for the day. I found this live video of Mishka performing "Love and Devotion." Too good not to share and hopefully it will start your week off on a positive note. Feel better already don't you? Cheers! RumShopRyan Please Subscribe If You Love The Caribbean! Subscribe to Daily … [Read more...]

Video: Mishka – One Tree

Mishka One Tree

Are you a musical person? Can you play guitar and carry a tune? Those are a couple of skills I wish I had. I'm working on the guitar part, but the singing will never happen. My singing voice sounds like a dog being beat with a broom. Not good to say the least. When you see videos like this one of Mishka performing on the his European, it's hard not be be inspired. He produces his trademark … [Read more...]

Trevor Hall & Elan Atias Cover Marley’s Redemption Song

Redemption Song cover Elan

There's not a better way to start the week than by listening to some good music. Here's a video of Trevor Hall and Elan Atias singing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". Straight from the Lion's Den in Los Angeles. Trevor Hall & Elan Atias - Redemption Song Cover Cheers! RumShopRyan Please Subscribe If You Love The Caribbean! Subscribe to Daily … [Read more...]

The Bahamas Version of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Happy Music Video Bahamas

Isn't everyone "Happy" when in the Bahamas? "Happy" is a song by singer and producer Pharrell Williams and used on the movie sound track for Despicable Me 2. If you haven't seen the original music video for Happy, it features people from all over the world dancing to the catchy rhythm. There's even a few cameo appearances from a few celebrities. I didn't know this until a couple days ago, … [Read more...]

Jump Right In With Zac Brown Band in Islamorada

Zac Brown Band Jump Right In

Oh and lose yourself again. As the Southern wind sings again an island lullaby. It's funny how everything changes when you cross a bridge. On one side you have the 8 lane Interstate Highways, the fast paced go go go life, and the urban sprawl of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Then on the other side you have beach front tiki bars, a relaxed frame of mind, and small town charm. The world changes … [Read more...]