The Salty Souls of Sagitta

Island Windjammers Sagitta

While it's the islands that dazzle the senses when traveling to the Caribbean, it's often the people you meet that make the trip something special and truly memorable. I had been fantasizing about St. Maarten, Anguilla, Nevis, St. Kitts, and St. Barths for quite sometime, and while the islands were beyond beautiful, it was the crew and fellow Sagitta passengers that made my solo journey one I'll … [Read more...]

Setting Sail With Sagitta and Island Windjammers

Sagitta Island WindJammers

There's nothing like cruising the Caribbean. I'm not talking about cruising on one of those gargantuan mega-liners that shuttle thousands of people into popular ports-of-call, I'm talking about something more intimate. The experience should be more about the rhythms of sea and the push of wind, it should be more about the relationships with passengers and crew, it should be more about really … [Read more...]

The Islands of Sagitta

Island Windjammers Sagitta

They are known as the "Island Girls," that's what the two ships of Island Windjammers are nicknamed. They cruise the Caribbean blue taking guests to islands many cruise liners can't get to. But it's not just the exotic ports-of-call that makes sailing these Island Girls special, it's the entire package. It's the food, it's the intimacy with fellow passengers and crew, it's swizzle hour, and it's … [Read more...]

A Magical Sunset Cruise Aboard Old Glory

Fort Myers Sunset Cruise

Is it possible to be a tourist in your own town? I've called the Naples/Bonita Springs/Ft. Myers area home now for 12 years now and I still can't get enough. I still hit the beach every chance I can get, I find myself in the fun touristy beach bars and I still find Gulf sunsets truly magical every time.  It doesn't matter, I've seen hundreds of them, but each one captures my attention like it does … [Read more...]

Cruise Tourism in the Caribbean and Bahamas

Caribbean Cruises

This is a guest post by Erica Kritt, The Cruise Web Team. A getaway on a sunny Caribbean island where you can spend all day in your bathing suit with a fruity beverage in your hand, sounds good, doesn’t it. And just in case you needed another excuse to head south you should know that by choosing to vacation in the Caribbean or the Bahamas you are also a key part of the Caribbean … [Read more...]

Charter Jimmy Buffett’s Yacht, The Continental Drifter III

Continental Drifter Buffett

Cruising the Caribbean aboard a 124 foot luxury yacht is on most people's bucket list. Now what if that yacht was owned by none other than Jimmy Buffett himself, adds a little bit of BANG to the story you could tell doesn't it. Jimmy Buffett is now chartering his 124 foot motor yacht called the Continental Drifter III. For $65,000 a week you'll be able to charters this sleek vessel and its crew … [Read more...]

Island Windjammers Adds A New Lady To The Fleet – The Sagitta

Sagitta Island windjammers

One of the best experiences I've ever had was sailing on a tall ship through from Grenada up the Grenadine Island chain. The ship was the 101ft. Diamant from Island Windjammers. She was the only ship in the fleet up until a couple days ago. Let me introduce you to the newest lady, the Sagitta. The Sagitta is little larger than the Diamant at 120 feet long and sleeps 22 instead of 12. She has … [Read more...]

Traveling Solo With Island Windjammers

Island Windjammers

Traveling solo. Those words don't conjure up images of fun and excitement normally, but in reality traveling by yourself can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Island Windjammers, the cruise line that is based out of Grenada and runs the 101 foot Diamant up and down the Grenadine Islands is offering solo trips for its passengers. Special cruise dates that fill the cabins with adventurous … [Read more...]

Island Windjammers – A Video Cruise Through The Grenadine Islands

Island Windjammers Cruises

I can't tell you how often my mind drifts back to the Diamant. Plowing through the Caribbean, under full sail, with Grenadine islands sprinkled across the horizon, if that isn't heaven on Earth I don't know what is. Wanna take a little trip? I thought so. You will escape to the Southeastern and sail the seas aboard the Diamant when you watch this video. Sun on your skin, rum in your hand and … [Read more...]

Floating On Heavenly Days – Castaway Winter Beach Bash

Caribbean Sunset

I always tell people, spend at least one day on the water when vacationing in the Caribbean. Nine times out ten, it will turn into their favorite part of the entire trip. Always a highlight for this Castaway. One of the perks of attending the Castaway Winter Beach Bash at Bolongo Bay Resort was a sunset cruise board their catamaran, the Heavenly Days. Motion of the ocean, pushed through the … [Read more...]

A Sweet Lady Of The Caribbean, The Diamant Of Island Windjammers

Rum Swizzle Time

She has gorgeous curves and when she moves you can tell she knows what she's doing. Her body slides gently side to side and everyone who rides her cherishes every minute. Heads out of the gutter people. The lady I'm speaking of is a majestic tall ship, the Diamant. This Island Windjammers vessel has class and comfort, at a relatively small size of 101ft., this schooner offers amenities that you … [Read more...]