Cooking (And Eating!) Spiny Caribbean Lobster

Caribbean lobster

I think I have a tapeworm. For the past three or four weeks I've been starving come lunch and dinner time. So much so that I've started eating my lunch at 10:30am and dinner around 6pm. Food has been forefront in my mind and today is no different. Must. Have. Food. The Caribbean has a rich food culture that includes ingredients like conch, jerk chicken, sweet fruits, peas and rice and of course … [Read more...]

Chillax On Princess Margaret Beach On Bequia – Island Lime Videos


Bequia is a gem in the Grenadine Islands and one of the things that make it shine is Princess Margaret Beach. Today's Island Lime Video deposits you onto the sands of this natural beach. If it were anymore real, you'd have sand on your feet. Activity on Bequia has always been centered around the deep water harbor and protected shores of Admiralty Bay, there are a number of other locations and … [Read more...]

Mac’s Lobster Pizza Challenge, The Verdict Is…

Macs Lobster Pizza Bequia

The island of Bequia, part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, holds many treasures. Spectacular views, fascinating traditions and some great restaurants. This little island has an addictive charm and I catch myself thinking about it regularly. Little over a month ago I wrote a post about Mac's Pizza on Bequia, how I kept reading all these stunning reviews and something about a legendary lobster … [Read more...]

Mac’s Pizzeria On Bequia, Is The Hype Real?

You have to go Mac's. You're going to Mac's on Bequia right? Oh, if you don't get the lobster pizza at Mac's your going to kick yourself in the sensitive parts. These are some of the things I've heard from people when I told them about my approaching trip to the Grenadines. We will be sailing to Bequia on the Diamant in a couple weeks and I believe Mac's Pizzeria is on the schedule. My question … [Read more...]

Frangipani Beach Bar – Bequia, Grenadines

Looking out at the Bay from Frangipani

This week's Caribbean Beach Bar is the Frangipani Beach Bar, located on the island of Bequia in the exotic Grenadine islands. Listed as one of the top 100 bars in the world, the Frangipani's waterfront open air bar is one of the Caribbean's famous watering holes. With an extensive cocktail menu, warm atmosphere and friendly bartenders, the "Frangi" bar maintains its reputation as the meeting … [Read more...]

Bequia, The Largest of the Grenadine Islands


Bequia is one of the islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines, which is an independent country, west of Barbados and south of St Lucia. It is the northernmost of the Grenadines, a chain of islands stretching from St Vincent on the north to Grenada on the south. It is a small island of five miles long and half a mile wide in size and the population of about 6,000. The population is mainly of … [Read more...]