Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean wrap up

Looking to pack up the family and plunder Puerto Rico? Want to see the itinerary for this year's Castaway Beach Bash? Want ten reasons to go to if you need even one right! All this and more in this week's addition of the Caribbean Wrap Up! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Top 10 Family-Friendly Adventures in Puerto Rico: Whisking the family off on a fantastical Puerto Rican vacation? … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Buckle up! This week's Caribbean Wrap Up features some great stories. Want to know what the seven most interesting places to land in the islands are? How about a soothing video of the East End of St. John? Or maybe tell me how many of these eight beach bars you've been to on St. Maarten/St. Martin. Enjoy the ride Castaways! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Seven Interesting Places to Land in the … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

It seems like this week's Caribbean Wrap Up is all about the U.S. Virgin Islands. I didn't set out to do it like that, but when I went in search of this week's top stories, the USVI rose to the top. There's a great live video of reggae artist Pressure preforming his song "Virgin Islands Nice" for a studio audience. Then there a new beer by the boys at St. John Brewers that I really want to try. … [Read more...]

Music: Pressure – Virgin Islands Nice

Caribbean Music

I have to give thanks to our friends at No Shoes Radio for this great song. Headphones on, eyes staring at the screen, and fingers taping away at the keys--it's easy to fall into a trance in an office job. The sweet tunes of No Shoes Radio often help me get through the day. A couple weeks ago I heard the song, "Virgin Islands Nice" by an artist called Pressure. The song instantly struck a … [Read more...]

Announcing the Next Castaway Beach Bash!

Castaway Beach Bash

I wanna go the islands. It's time! Time to head back to Bolongo Bay Beach Resort and the USVI for another Castaway Beach Bash! This year's Castaway Beach Bash will be special, not only will we be relaxing in a tropical paradise with lots of great activities planned, but we'll also be celebrating National Rum Day! That's right, Saturday August 16th is National Rum Day, what better … [Read more...]

15 Caribbean Beach Bars Cloaked in Black and White

Caribbean Beach Bars

The Caribbean is soaked in brilliant colors, but what if you were to wash out the blue water, pastel homes and lush rainforest, would it still be beautiful? I think so. Every once in awhile I'll pretend to be creative and turn some photos into black and white. I'm not sure what it is about black and white photos, but there's just something powerful about them. It's kind of like standing on a … [Read more...]

Jimmy Buffett Performing “Boat Drinks” and “Volcano” At USVI Beach Bar

Jimmy Buffett USVI concert

Going to a concert to see your favorite musician perform is an experience that you will likely remember for a long long time. If you are attending a Jimmy Buffett show you are likely joined by 35,000 other Parrotheads, all wearing their signs, fins and coconut bras. Get's me excited just thinking about it. Traveling to see a Buffett show is something that many of you reading this do as an annual … [Read more...]

ISLANDS Magazine Readers’ Choice: Best of the Caribbean

Best Caribbean Golf

Let's pretend you have unlimited funds, unlimited vacation time and you want the make the Caribbean your oyster. Your goal is to do the best and see the best the islands have to offer. Well the people of ISLANDS Magazine have put together a Reader's Choice list giving you the "Best of " Caribbean. Over 17,000 seasoned Caribbean travelers weighed in on the best the islands have to offer. Best … [Read more...]

Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas: Island Lime Videos

Sapphire Beach St. Thomas

St. Thomas isn't known for its beaches like its neighbor to the East, St. John. Don't get me wrong it has some really beautiful beaches like Magen's Bay, Bolongo Bay and the focus of today's Island Lime Video...Sapphire Beach. Sitting on the East end of St. Thomas, Sapphire Beach is a stunning slice of sand that offers expansive views of St. John and the British Virgin Islands. It's a good spot … [Read more...]

Bones Rum Is USVI Must Try

Bones Rum

A couple years ago I did an interview with the owner of Bones Rum, Matt Razook. That story has been extremely popular for a long time due to popularity of this Virgin Island rum. So on my most recent trip to the USVI I stopped in to the Bones Rum store on St. Thomas for a new bottle and that's where I met the new owners, Wayne and Cara Adolphsen from Kansas City. What are the odds. It was a … [Read more...]

The Music Video For The 2nd Annual Castaway Winter Beach Bash

Castaway Beach Bash Videoeader600x300

Any time you put music to video and photos it changes the whole dynamic. An extra emotional element is added and strengthens the entire project. It becomes greater than the sum of all its parts. That's what I'm trying to accomplish with this music video of the 2nd Annual Castaway Winter Beach Bash. Using the songs "Island State of Mind" from The Pirate Sessions and "Sunny Day"  by Joy Williams, … [Read more...]