Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean wrap up

A new rum from Dominica, culinary destinations in the Caribbean, a new BVI beach bar and more. This week's Caribbean Wrap Up gives you stories from the islands that you might have missed. Caribbean Chocolate? What! Where?! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Blue Water Launch: Direct from Dominica, Blue Water Ultra Premium Rum is set to launch in the Caribbean market. -Story by The … [Read more...]

Cool Down in Cruz Bay, New Ice Cream Shop Opens on St. John

St. John Scoops Ice Cream

With the opening of the new St. John Scoops, conveniently located at the front corner of Mongoose Junction, life on St. John has become that much sweeter. At St. John Scoops you will find a carefully crafted collection of homemade ice cream, superfood smoothies, coffee, and other snacks. The “Scoops” menu, which features ice creams, sorbets, and alcohol-infused concoctions, changes daily. St. … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean blogs

Famous rum bars, best diving islands, and a video tour of Peter Bay on St. John--these are just a few of the stories from this week's Caribbean Wrap Up. One of the stories is by the Huffington Post and is titled, The 15 Best Beaches for 2014. All the beaches mentioned are amazing, but I'm surprised some world class beaches were left off...maybe they were mentioned in earlier years? Beaches like … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Another week, another Caribbean wrap up. This week's stories feature; things to do on St. Barts, exploring a resort on Peter Island in the BVI, events taking place in the Caribbean in February and a little love for my friends at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge in the Abacos. Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Seven Caribbean Events For February, From St Kitts and Nevis to Jamaica:  From PGA champions to … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean wrap up

Another week, another Caribbean wrap up. This week you'll find stories about Cuban Rum, time lapse video of St. John, what to do if you find yourself bored on Little Cayman, and much more. Let's get to it shall we! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Havana Club Daiquiri: Check out this video from Havana Club. It may inspire you to mix up a frozen Daiquiri. - Story by 5 Things To Do … [Read more...]

Bones Rum Cruz Bay Location Closes

Bones Rum

Bones Rum. Those two words always seem to get a strong reaction on Facebook. Every time I post a photo of a bottle of Bones Rum people from all over the world get excited and leave a ton comments about how much they love the pirate fire water. Count me as a fan as well, especially upon learning and meeting the new owners whom hale from great state of Kansas. I recently heard from Castaway … [Read more...]

St. John’s Caneel Bay Resort Reopens On Nov. 1st As An Independent Boutique Resort

Caneel Bay Resort

Caneel Bay Resort on St. John, U.S.V.I. is gearing up for the 2013-2014 travel season with new developments to satisfy guests. Formerly known as Caneel Bay, A Rosewood Resort, the eco-friendly destination has rebranded itself as an independent property and will relaunch under the official name Caneel Bay Resort, which will open for the new season on November 1, 2013. "Caneel Bay continues to be … [Read more...]

Hermit Crabs Storm the Beaches of St. John

hermit crabs on st. john

St. John is a popular island, but in late July and early August the beaches get a little more crowded. Millions of locals flock to the beaches to have babies. No, it's not millions of people, that would be disgusting and I'm sure illegal. We're talking about millions of Hermit Crabs. These hermit crabs, also called the soldier crab or the Caribbean hermit crab, are native to islands throughout … [Read more...]

15 Caribbean Beach Bars Cloaked in Black and White

Caribbean Beach Bars

The Caribbean is soaked in brilliant colors, but what if you were to wash out the blue water, pastel homes and lush rainforest, would it still be beautiful? I think so. Every once in awhile I'll pretend to be creative and turn some photos into black and white. I'm not sure what it is about black and white photos, but there's just something powerful about them. It's kind of like standing on a … [Read more...]

Caribbean Islands For Sale – Where’s Your Dream Island?

Caribbean islands for sale

Many people fantasize about owning their own Caribbean island. Who wouldn't want to wake up every day to the sound of the waves, relax on your very own beach and be able to design your version of paradise how you saw fit. Maybe even open up a little beach bar and live the life that people write songs about. Oh wouldn't it be grand. Owning an island is an expensive endeavour that prompts many of … [Read more...]

Caribbean Beers – Remember The Islands By Taking A Drink

Caribbean beers

Yes the Caribbean is famous for its rum, and deservedly so, but sometimes there's nothing like an ice-cold refreshing beer to beat back the tropical heat. The islands aren't known for their beers, in fact I've heard plenty of people complain about how all the beers in the Caribbean are light, tasteless and indistinguishable from each other. I can see how some people would say this, but I also … [Read more...]