15 Caribbean Beach Bars Cloaked in Black and White

Caribbean Beach Bars

The Caribbean is soaked in brilliant colors, but what if you were to wash out the blue water, pastel homes and lush rainforest, would it still be beautiful? I think so. Every once in awhile I'll pretend to be creative and turn some photos into black and white. I'm not sure what it is about black and white photos, but there's just something powerful about them. It's kind of like standing on a … [Read more...]

From Mustique, The Frozen Bligh’s Blood Mojito: Boat Drink Recipes

Cotton House Mojito

Sailing through the Grenadine Islands aboard the tall ship Diamant might sound like heaven on Earth, and for 99.9% of the trip it was. My only regret...we didn't stop at Mustique. For whatever reason Mustique has always interested me. It's like the hot girl in class that you're just a little too afraid to talk to. Mustique is known for its exclusiveness, its famous property owners, and Basil's … [Read more...]

Cooking (And Eating!) Spiny Caribbean Lobster

Caribbean lobster

I think I have a tapeworm. For the past three or four weeks I've been starving come lunch and dinner time. So much so that I've started eating my lunch at 10:30am and dinner around 6pm. Food has been forefront in my mind and today is no different. Must. Have. Food. The Caribbean has a rich food culture that includes ingredients like conch, jerk chicken, sweet fruits, peas and rice and of course … [Read more...]

Caribbean Beers – Remember The Islands By Taking A Drink

Caribbean beers

Yes the Caribbean is famous for its rum, and deservedly so, but sometimes there's nothing like an ice-cold refreshing beer to beat back the tropical heat. The islands aren't known for their beers, in fact I've heard plenty of people complain about how all the beers in the Caribbean are light, tasteless and indistinguishable from each other. I can see how some people would say this, but I also … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades Of Gray: The Caribbean

50 Shades of Gray Caribbean

The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon swept across America and had women everywhere giggling and sharing the books with their friends. Well sorry ladies, this post doesn't take Mr. Grey to the Caribbean, it brings the Caribbean to you...in shades of gray. There's just something powerful about a pure black and white photo. You would think it's a crime to take the brilliant colors of the Caribbean … [Read more...]

The Mustique Whammy: Boat Drink Recipes

Basil's Bar Mustique

After one sip, you'll be chatting up royalty. When one hears about the island of Mustique in the Grenadines, stories of rock stars, movie stars, princes and models aren't far behind. Yes Mustique attracts the rich and famous, but there's a beach bar on its shore that no matter who you are, you'll be greeted with open arms and a rum punch. Basil's Bar is famous for its good food, strong … [Read more...]

Traveling Solo With Island Windjammers

Island Windjammers

Traveling solo. Those words don't conjure up images of fun and excitement normally, but in reality traveling by yourself can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Island Windjammers, the cruise line that is based out of Grenada and runs the 101 foot Diamant up and down the Grenadine Islands is offering solo trips for its passengers. Special cruise dates that fill the cabins with adventurous … [Read more...]

Island Windjammers – A Video Cruise Through The Grenadine Islands

Island Windjammers Cruises

I can't tell you how often my mind drifts back to the Diamant. Plowing through the Caribbean, under full sail, with Grenadine islands sprinkled across the horizon, if that isn't heaven on Earth I don't know what is. Wanna take a little trip? I thought so. You will escape to the Southeastern and sail the seas aboard the Diamant when you watch this video. Sun on your skin, rum in your hand and … [Read more...]

Could This Be The Happiest Island In The Caribbean?

Happy Island

The Grenadine Islands are volcanic in origin, they have lush green mountains and plenty of deep water anchorages. One island is special though, it wasn't built by fire and brimstone, it was hand made out in the middle of the bay on Union Island. Welcome to Happy Island. If you've been to the town of Clifton on Union Island and gazed out into the harbor you probably saw an little spit of … [Read more...]

Chillax On Princess Margaret Beach On Bequia – Island Lime Videos


Bequia is a gem in the Grenadine Islands and one of the things that make it shine is Princess Margaret Beach. Today's Island Lime Video deposits you onto the sands of this natural beach. If it were anymore real, you'd have sand on your feet. Activity on Bequia has always been centered around the deep water harbor and protected shores of Admiralty Bay, there are a number of other locations and … [Read more...]

A Sweet Lady Of The Caribbean, The Diamant Of Island Windjammers

Rum Swizzle Time

She has gorgeous curves and when she moves you can tell she knows what she's doing. Her body slides gently side to side and everyone who rides her cherishes every minute. Heads out of the gutter people. The lady I'm speaking of is a majestic tall ship, the Diamant. This Island Windjammers vessel has class and comfort, at a relatively small size of 101ft., this schooner offers amenities that you … [Read more...]