Review of the Holland House Beach Hotel: Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Holland House Hotel St. Maarten

As soon as I stepped into the open-air lobby and looked past the bar to the blue waters of the Caribbean, I felt relaxed and at home. A great feeling as the Holland House Beach Hotel was going to be my home away from home on St. Maarten the day before and the day after cruising aboard the Island Windjammer's Sagitta. Check-in was a breeze and I headed to the third floor to settle in and ditch … [Read more...]

Setting Sail With Sagitta and Island Windjammers

Sagitta Island WindJammers

There's nothing like cruising the Caribbean. I'm not talking about cruising on one of those gargantuan mega-liners that shuttle thousands of people into popular ports-of-call, I'm talking about something more intimate. The experience should be more about the rhythms of sea and the push of wind, it should be more about the relationships with passengers and crew, it should be more about really … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean blogs

Seaplanes, rum, Out Islands...these are just a handful of the story topics in this week's Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up. These stories have me thinking about hopping a fast plane south. The weather has turned cold here in south Florida this week (50's is cold here!) and I'm not a fan. This bald head of mine has to keep warm and a trip to the islands is a damn fine solution. Caribbean Weekly Wrap … [Read more...]

The Islands of Sagitta

Island Windjammers Sagitta

They are known as the "Island Girls," that's what the two ships of Island Windjammers are nicknamed. They cruise the Caribbean blue taking guests to islands many cruise liners can't get to. But it's not just the exotic ports-of-call that makes sailing these Island Girls special, it's the entire package. It's the food, it's the intimacy with fellow passengers and crew, it's swizzle hour, and it's … [Read more...]

Best Nude Beaches in the Caribbean

Caribbean nude beaches

Baring it all on a beach with strangers all around you might sound like a frightening experience, but to many other cultures the birthday suit is common beach attire. The Caribbean has many well known nude beaches, you just have to know which islands allow the all over tan and which ones don't. If a nude beach is on your bucket list, then look to the French and Dutch islands like St. Barths, … [Read more...]

Where Should I Go In The Caribbean?

Caribbean vacation tips

This little Caribbean travel blog is over three and half years old now. In that time I've received countless emails from readers that share the same passion. Many of them have questions about the island, rum and why I point in all my photos. After awhile you begin to see trends and what people really want to know. I would say the most common question I get asked is... What Caribbean island should … [Read more...]

Kali’s Beach Bar, Friar’s Bay French St. Martin – Bush Rum & Full Moon Parties

St. Martin Beach Bars

Settle back in that hammock and refresh your rum drink, it's time for another installment of our Caribbean Beach Bars series. Today we wash up on the shores of French St. Martin. Located on beautiful Friar’s Bay, Kali's Beach Bar & Restaurant is a gathering spot for locals and tourists looking to lime away they day the Caribbean way.  The bar and restaurant are open every day and serve … [Read more...]

5 Caribbean Sunsets That Will Set Your Island Soulshine Ablaze

Bonaire Sunset

Caribbean sunset photos are no stranger to this website. There's just something about them that touches the sensitive side of me. Erin would argue that that part doesn't even exist in me, but it does, it just picks certain times to reveal itself. As I was picking out the sunset photos to include in this post a fitting song started playing on No Shoes Radio, Soulshine by Gov't Mule. How perfect … [Read more...]

Sunset Beach Bar, St. Maarten – Caribbean Beach Bars


Over the years, Sunset Beach Bar has established itself as the island’s single most exciting entertainment spot. It offers a casual and relaxed family fun atmosphere by day, with live acoustic music by St. Maarten’s most talented artists. Their surfside BBQ turns out delicious favorites such as Black Angus burgers, steaks and shrimps, together with mouthwatering hand-cut tuna, salmon and other … [Read more...]

Get Naked on St Martin, St Maarten – The Clothing Optional Island

St. Maarten Nude Beach

St Maarten has a rather laid back mindset towards beach nudity and is one of the major Caribbean locations for naturists because of Club Orient on Orient Beach. Topless tanning is the norm on all the beaches on the French side, as in Europe. In terms of complete nudity, the only recognized nude beach is the Club Orient area of Orient Bat. Consequently that is where you come across the … [Read more...]

Three Sheets – St. Martin/St. Maarten

Last week I told you about my new love affair with the show, Three Sheets. Comedian Zane Lamprey sloshes around the globe trying different cocktails, whats not to like right? I was educated by reader that Zane has done a bit of island hopping in the Caribbean.  I quickly ran to the fridge, grabbed a beer and loaded up the next episode, St. Martin/St. Maarten. Who else is loves this show? I have to … [Read more...]