Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean weekly wrap up

Diving on Roatan, rum from Belize, delicious jerk in Jamaica, a treehouse resort on Dominica--this week's Caribbean Wrap Up has a little bit for everyone. Make sure you watch the video of Secret Bay Resort on Dominica, it's an unbelievable video that showcases a lot of the island's beauty. I think the entire thing was shot with one of those drone helicopters gimmick deals that holds a … [Read more...]

Kenny Chesney Releases ‘Spread the Love’ Video Featuring The Wailers

Kenny Chesney Spread The Love

Kenny Chesney released his "Spread the Love" video on 12/13/13. Shot during a break on Chesney’s 2013 No Shoes Nation Tour, the video shows Chesney with Barrett, Alvin “Secco” Patterson and the rest of the Wailers Band, as well as capturing Hope House, Tuff Gong Studios and the myriad faces and places on Jamaica. For me the though the singing school children steal the show. Click here to watch … [Read more...]

Best Nude Beaches in the Caribbean

Caribbean nude beaches

Baring it all on a beach with strangers all around you might sound like a frightening experience, but to many other cultures the birthday suit is common beach attire. The Caribbean has many well known nude beaches, you just have to know which islands allow the all over tan and which ones don't. If a nude beach is on your bucket list, then look to the French and Dutch islands like St. Barths, … [Read more...]

The JD Special, A Boat Drink Recipe From The Tryall Club Jamaica

JD Special drink recipe tryall Club Jamaica

What's the first thing you think of when someone says, Jamaica? Is it sandy beaches? Fastest man in the world? Jerk chicken? Those are great answers, but I think RUM should definitely be high on this list. Me personally, after Barbados, Jamaica is head of the class when it comes to Caribbean rum. Let's take a little trip to the north coast of Jamaica for a little sip sip in your cup shall … [Read more...]

Caribbean Beers – Remember The Islands By Taking A Drink

Caribbean beers

Yes the Caribbean is famous for its rum, and deservedly so, but sometimes there's nothing like an ice-cold refreshing beer to beat back the tropical heat. The islands aren't known for their beers, in fact I've heard plenty of people complain about how all the beers in the Caribbean are light, tasteless and indistinguishable from each other. I can see how some people would say this, but I also … [Read more...]

ISLANDS Magazine Readers’ Choice: Best of the Caribbean

Best Caribbean Golf

Let's pretend you have unlimited funds, unlimited vacation time and you want the make the Caribbean your oyster. Your goal is to do the best and see the best the islands have to offer. Well the people of ISLANDS Magazine have put together a Reader's Choice list giving you the "Best of " Caribbean. Over 17,000 seasoned Caribbean travelers weighed in on the best the islands have to offer. Best … [Read more...]

Jamaica Road Trip: The Pirate Route

Jamaica Pirate Road Trip

Jamaica is best known for its all-inclusive resorts, snow white beaches and I hear the make some pretty good rum. A Caribbean paradise for sure. But 300 years ago Jamaica was very different. It was a haven for pirates. Jamaica was strategically located between Central America with all it's Aztec gold and deep water leeward island passages that lead back to Europe. The perfect place to set up shop … [Read more...]

5 Caribbean Sunsets That Will Set Your Island Soulshine Ablaze

Bonaire Sunset

Caribbean sunset photos are no stranger to this website. There's just something about them that touches the sensitive side of me. Erin would argue that that part doesn't even exist in me, but it does, it just picks certain times to reveal itself. As I was picking out the sunset photos to include in this post a fitting song started playing on No Shoes Radio, Soulshine by Gov't Mule. How perfect … [Read more...]

A Jamaica North Shore Beachcam From The Grand Palladium Resort

Jamaica, one of the Caribbean's top destinations. It has a little bit of everything, stunning waterfalls, blue Caribbean waters, fantastic rum, friendly people and of course jerk chicken. One could go on and on about this ire island in the sun, but today we're going to take an actual look at one of its north shore beaches. The days when we post Caribbean Webcams are always some of my favorite, … [Read more...]

Sunday Serenity – Sunset in Negril, Jamaica

Negril Jamaica is famous for it beaches and it's awe inspiring sunsets. Here is a time-lapsed video of the setting sun slowly sinking into the warm waters of the Caribbean. What better way to wrap up the weekend. I hope all you Castaways enjoyed your weekend with a few cold Boat Drinks and an eye towards the ocean. Cheers, RumShopRyan Please subscribe and Follow on Facebook and … [Read more...]

The Jamaicanite, An Appleton Rum Boat Drink Recipe

After one sip, you'll be dodging canon ball fire. What's not to like about Jamaica, it has beautiful world famous beaches, all-inclusive resorts, Red Stripe beer, Dunns River Falls, a rich history and is the birth place of reggae music. Check, check and check. Oh yeah, then there's also the road side jerk chicken stands...big check. Another thing Jamaica is known for is being the home of … [Read more...]