Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

It's nearly Christmas, how many of you Castaways are hoping for a Caribbean getaway wrapped up under the tree? My hand is raised as well. Hopefully your next escape is right around the corner. To keep you all warm and snuggly on those cold nights, here are some great stories from around the Caribbean. From Antigua to Belize with a splash or rhum...enjoy. Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up The Top 5 … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

My home town of Kansas City just got a blanket of snow, and the water of the Gulf in my current home sends shivers up my spine--anyone else thinking about a trip to el carib? If your mind likes to wander to palm tree playgrounds then consider this weekly wrap up fuel for your wanderlust fire. This week's wrap up will tease you with a beach party on Jankanoo Beach in Nassau, a new bar in Cruz … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

This week's Caribbean Wrap Up talks about diving in Cuba, a couple stories that foodies are going to love, and a controversial marina that's going to be built in quiet Coral Bay on St. John. The marina issue is an interesting one. I see both sides of the argument, but I'm leaning for it. Where do you STJ lovers stand? Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up A diving adventure in Cuba:  A diving adventure … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Who doesn't love to be inspired, the feel of goosebumps crawling across your skin, mouth hanging open, forgetting to breath. The Caribbean is a place that triggers these side effects on people every day. Feel like being inspired? This week's Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up has plenty of goosebump producing visuals and fantastic day dream material. Get warmed up with a St. John video and see what it's … [Read more...]

Best Nude Beaches in the Caribbean

Baring it all on a beach with strangers all around you might sound like a frightening experience, but to many other cultures the birthday suit is common beach attire. The Caribbean has many well known nude beaches, you just have to know which islands allow the all over tan and which ones don't. If a nude beach is on your bucket list, then look to the French and Dutch islands like St. Barths, … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Visiting Guadeloupe

This is a guest post about the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe from Alexandre Duval, a blogger for ViaRail. The Caribbean is a region of the world that is overwhelmed with sunny islands. Located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean is undoubtedly a perfect spot to relax in a warm climate. Although the region’s most famous destinations for tourists include Cuba (non US) and the Dominican … [Read more...]

Guadeloupe, The Island of Beautiful Waters

Guadeloupe, known as "the island of beautiful waters", has the most unique shape of any island in the Caribbean chain. The butterfly shape evolved from the geographical movement of two separate islands, which pushed them together, with only a narrow river dividing them. Instead of one island, they could be considered as two since there are quite different. Located in the French West Indies, … [Read more...]