Loblolly Beach, Anegada BVI: Island Lime Videos

Loblolly Beach Anegada

They say the best places to explore are ones that are hard to reach. I don't know who "they" are but I tend to agree. Anegada is the often over looked island in the British Virgin Islands. It's an odd ball. It sits about 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda, further than the other islands of the BVI and it's completely flat. All the other islands in the BVI have large rolling mountains that cascade … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean Wrap Up

Good day Castaways! I think you're really going to like this week's Caribbean Wrap Up. New amazing rum bar...check. Lobster Festival in the BVI...check. Exploring the treasure that's known as Saba...check. Relaxing on a floating bar on St. John...check. Yeah, like I said, it's a good week! Cheers! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Rum Journal: This Is the Caribbean’s Best New Rum Bar: In a Caribbean … [Read more...]

Caribbean Beach Bars – Cow Wreck Bar, Anegada BVI

Cow wreck bar 1

Ahoy Castaways. I'm starting a new series and am going to feature a Caribbean Beach Bar once a week. After all, isn't that where we long to spend most of our time! Let's start things off with the famous Cow Wreck Beach Bar on Anegada in the British Virgin Islands. Because it's somewhat off the beaten path, Anegada doesn't get the same attention as the other islands. Sort of like the red … [Read more...]

A Travelers Guide To Anegada And The British Virgin Islands


Perched at the northern reaches of the Virgin Islands chain, Anegada is the northeastern most and the one of the largest in land area of the British Virgin Islands and could easily be called an overgrown sandbar. Unlike the rest of the British Virgin Islands volcanic geologic structure however, it’s actually a coral and limestone outcropping. At most 28 feet above the water it’s not a … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Bar Guide for a BVI Yacht Charter

Neptune’s Treasure, Anegada

Here is a great article I found about BVI beach bars.  If you're sailing around the Drake Channel check some of these out.  Cheers! ************************** What is a Caribbean Vacation without a few cocktails and some adventure? While cruising on a BVI Yacht Charter offers some of the finest luxuries any vacation can offer, it never hurts to go ashore for some mingling with locals and a … [Read more...]