South Frigate Bay, “The Strip” – St. Kitts: Island Lime Videos

Frigate Bay St. Kitts The Strip

What can I say about St. Kitts that hasn't already been said, it's just a special special place. The people, the lush rainforest, the beach bars--St. Kitts has a little bit of everything, but still holds on to that rustic old-world Caribbean vibe. This Island Lime Video features the soothing waves of South Frigate Bay, or better known as "The Strip". The Strip is the main entertainment area on … [Read more...]

Colombier Beach, St. Barths: Island Lime Videos

Colombier Beach St Barths

St. Barths is not your everyday laid back, go slow, Caribbean island. The streets bustle with shoppers and cars clog the streets of Gustavia. But if you know where to look you can find a few places where all that disappears. One of those places Colombier Beach. The French name for this stunning beach is Anse de Colombier, and it's pronounced "Co-lum-be-á". It's accessible only by sea or a … [Read more...]

Philipsburg Beach, St. Maarten: Island Lime Videos

Philipsburg St. Maarten

Philipsburg, St. Maarten was my home away from home during my sail aboard Island Windjammers tall ship Sagitta. The town is the major port-of-call for cruise ships on the island, so tourists shops and restaurants abound, but there's plenty of places to find a quiet spot to take in the harbor's true beauty as well. Capturing that quiet beauty was the goal of the Island Lime Video. I woke early … [Read more...]

Pinney’s Beach, Nevis – Island Lime Video

Pinneys Beach Nevis

What can I say about Nevis that hasn't already been said . It's is the quintessential Caribbean paradise that has graced the covers of countless travel magazines. It has a tall looming volcanic cone, lush tropical rainforest, beautiful beaches, and friendly people--what more can one ask for. Oh, you want monkeys? Yeah, Nevis has those too. It also has killer bees, but they don't fly through the … [Read more...]

St. Jean Beach, St. Barts – Island Lime Videos

St. Jean Beach St. Barts

I was sweating like a beast under the Caribbean sun, sitting on an aluminum guardrail at the top of a hill on St. Barts. My camera was poised and ready, waiting for planes to perform their aerial ballet of flying down a step hill and pulling up at the last second to land on an extremely short runway. If the pilot's timing is off, they could end up in the water on St. Jean Beach (pronounced St. … [Read more...]

Shoal Bay, Anguilla – Island Lime Video

Shoal Bay Anguilla

Beaches, like people, have personalities. Shoal Bay beach on the island of Anguilla has a sparkling personality, one I fell in love with as soon as my eyes took in its beauty. Anguilla was the first island we sailed to during a trip on the Sagitta of Island Windjammers. We arrived in Sandy Ground for sunset and marveled at a few of the stunning yachts that floated nearby. We passengers were … [Read more...]

Oualie Beach, Nevis – Island Lime Video

Oualie Beach Nevis

I have fantasized about Nevis for a long time. A couple years ago during a week long stay on St. Kitts we took a sunset cruise and sailed by its leeward shore, never getting a chance to set foot on the island though. So close, the island's lush green landscape and towering Nevis Peak teased me like a hard-to-get woman. Fast forward a couple years and with the aid of the tall ship Sagitta, Nevis … [Read more...]

Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay – Abacos Bahamas: Island Lime Videos

Tahiti Beach

It's been over a week since I saw the Abaco Islands fade from the window of the small plane that returned me to reality. Each day since I catch myself thinking back on my time in Hope Town. The people, the beaches, the food, the blue water, the pastel homes, the beaches, the conch, the beautiful Elbow Reef Lighthouse, the rum drinks, the beaches--did I mention the beaches? Hope Town and Elbow … [Read more...]

Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas: Island Lime Videos

Sapphire Beach St. Thomas

St. Thomas isn't known for its beaches like its neighbor to the East, St. John. Don't get me wrong it has some really beautiful beaches like Magen's Bay, Bolongo Bay and the focus of today's Island Lime Video...Sapphire Beach. Sitting on the East end of St. Thomas, Sapphire Beach is a stunning slice of sand that offers expansive views of St. John and the British Virgin Islands. It's a good spot … [Read more...]

Sakara Beach, Bimini Bahamas: Island Lime Videos

Sakara Beach Bimini Bahamas

Bimini may be small, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with tons of white powder sand. Beaches, oh glorious beaches. Just about the entire western side of north and south Bimini are lined with beautiful beaches that just beg for your foot prints. What do you say we go make some. This episode of Island Lime Videos was shot on the north end of North Bimini at a spot called Sakara Beach. … [Read more...]

Lovers Key State Park – Island Lime Videos

Lovers Key State Park

Top down, wind blowing and Buffett singing a cover of Marley's Redemption Song was streaming from the speakers as I climbed over the New Pass bridge. On the other side awaits a maze of mangroves, seashell covered beaches and unspoiled paradise, all surrounded by water. On the other side awaits Lovers Key State park. One of my favorite places in all Southwest Florida. I've done an Island Lime … [Read more...]