A Guide to Caribbean Attractions – Infographic

With mile after mile of postcard-perfect shoreline to choose from, the Caribbean is a sun-and-sand worshipper’s paradise. Once your beach body is perfectly bronzed and you get a little rest and relaxation, the Caribbean has plenty of activities and attractions to fill your days and nights! Presented By Experience Destinations Cheers! RumShopRyan Please Subscribe If You Love The … [Read more...]

#CHEAPCARIBBEAN Feel the Local Flavor Twitter Party Today at 2pm EST

Cheap Caribbean tweet chat

Hey Castaways! Today I will be a guest panelist in a Twitter party put on by our friends at CheapCaribbean.com.  The island fun starts today, July 30th, at 1pm to 2pm CST (2-3pm EST). I will be joined by guest panelists JetSetSarah and Uncommon Caribbean, we are here to share our island adventures and help answer your travel questions. We will be talking about the greatest festivals, restaurants … [Read more...]

Best Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in the Caribbean

best Caribbean diving

This is a guest post from Angie Picardo, a writer at TravelNerd.com. If you are planning on going to the Caribbean, scuba diving and snorkeling is a must. Diving the underwater world of the Caribbean is a phenomenal way to experience the islands. Let's look at some of the more magnificent reefs and islands suited to explore the underwater world. From huge holes in the ocean floor, to massive … [Read more...]

Where Should I Go In The Caribbean?

Caribbean vacation tips

This little Caribbean travel blog is over three and half years old now. In that time I've received countless emails from readers that share the same passion. Many of them have questions about the island, rum and why I point in all my photos. After awhile you begin to see trends and what people really want to know. I would say the most common question I get asked is... What Caribbean island should … [Read more...]

ISLANDS Magazine Readers’ Choice: Best of the Caribbean

Best Caribbean Golf

Let's pretend you have unlimited funds, unlimited vacation time and you want the make the Caribbean your oyster. Your goal is to do the best and see the best the islands have to offer. Well the people of ISLANDS Magazine have put together a Reader's Choice list giving you the "Best of " Caribbean. Over 17,000 seasoned Caribbean travelers weighed in on the best the islands have to offer. Best … [Read more...]

Take The Beach With You When You Go


Which beach do you want to be on right now? The right answer would be any beach, but I'm sure you have a favorite. One that left an impression on you. One that your mind wanders to when you look up from your work computer and day dream out the window. The memory is so sweet, so deep that you can almost feel the sand under your feet right now. You would give anything to be on that beach wouldn't … [Read more...]

How to Get Cheap Flights at the Last Minute: 5 Tips

Cheap flights

(This is a guest post from Kristine Vicencio.) Planning a last minute trip may seem like a lot of hard work, but in reality, it's actually far more simpler than you would expect. Many travel agencies offer great deals on airfare for those who are traveling last minute. These are typically seats that have not yet been sold that the airline is looking to fill up before departing. Deciding to … [Read more...]

Top Ten Activities to Enjoy During Your Caribbean Vacation

Caribbean Horseback riding

Hi Castaways, this guest post is by Jonathan Stuart on behalf of Sandals.com You’ve got the plane tickets. Practically bursting with excitement, you packed your bags months ago. (And, as a result, you had to keep unpacking your favorite summer shorts. Whoops!) Now all that’s left is deciding what to do while vacationing with your sweetie in the Caribbean. Don’t worry - much like your reliable … [Read more...]

How to make the most of your trip to the Caribbean

This guest post is by Dave Urquhart of Last Minute Vacations in Canada. The best way to beat the chill of a Canadian winter is to catch a flight to the Caribbean. The convenience, low cost, and beautiful weather of the Caribbean Islands is the recipe for a great escape from the northern snow. When traveling to south for winter vacation, it is important to remember these tips: Preparation: Get … [Read more...]

Only One Day In Key West? 5 Things Not To Miss

Key West Bars

Key West is a small island but it's bursting at the seams with things to do, to see, to buy, to marvel at. Many people visit the island via a cruise ship and only get to spend a precious few hours ashore, so you better make them count! Get out your pen and paper and get ready to jot down these 5 things you must do if you're only spending one day in the Conch Republic! 1. Hit the Beach Key … [Read more...]

Hurricane (Party) Preparations – How To Survive The Storm

When I lived in Kansas hurricanes were just something that we saw on the news and didn't think to much about. Now that my toes are firmly buried in the sand of southwest Florida they're a very real concern and something to prepare for. How does a Castaway prepare for a pending hurricane? A little differently than the common soul. I've experience a few storms since my move in 2001. Of course … [Read more...]