The Express De-stress: Boat Drink Recipe

Key West express drink recipe

After one sip, you'll be on the fast boat headin' south. Today is the last day to submit your drink recipe for the Key West Express Drink Contest. Tomorrow I'll be compiling all the recipe and getting with the staff of the Key West Express to pick the 5 finalists. Then it's on to the taste challenge to pick the winner. Do you want to go to Key West for free aboard the Key West Express? Do … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean blogs

Cuba, for so long it has been the forbidden land for us Americans. Its treasures like rum, culture and of course cigars have been hidden from us. With restrictions loosening, you may soon find yourself taking puffs of the world's best cigars. In this week's Caribbean wrap up, there is a great story and video about why the Cuban cigar is so cherished. Give it a watch, I think you'll like … [Read more...]

The Spicy Sailor Boat Drink Recipe

Rum Drink recipe

After one sip, you'll be climbing the rigging. Do you like spicy? The Caribbean is famous for its many homemade hot sauces. It seems like each relaxing beach bar has their own brand sitting on the table waiting for unsuspecting tourist to splash a few drops on their conch fritters or Mahi Mahi sandwich. The server will warn you it's hot, but that doesn't stop included. If I'm not … [Read more...]

The Monkey Wrench Boat Drink Recipe

Rum Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll be dancing in the rain. The Monkey Wrench is a tool for working on cars...I think. That's about all I know about working on cars. Want me to change your tire, I can probably do that. Want me to do anything else, you'll have to look else where. The only Monkey Wrench I know how to use is the one that is made with rum. This week's Boat Drink Recipe is called the Monkey … [Read more...]

The Summer Fruit Daiquiri: Boat Drink Recipes

summer fruit daiquiri recipe

After one sip, you'll be flip floppin' through summer's gates. Do remember during those long cold gray winter days how much you fantasized about 90 degree days, sunshine and flip flops? Your wait is over! The unofficial start of summer takes place this weekend with the celebration of Memorial Day. That's right, it's time to hit the beach, hit the lake, or dive into the pool! It's summer … [Read more...]

The Pineapple Mojito: Boat Drink Recipes

pineapple mojito recipe

After one sip, you'll be swimming the strait. I don't know about you, but it's getting hot hot hot here in Southwest Florida. The humidity has been near 100% for last couple days and the afternoon thunderstorms are in full affect. When the weather gets like this an ice cold beer doesn't stay ice cold for very long. This means you have two choices, drink the beer fast or go with a ice filled … [Read more...]

The New Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum and the Setting Sun Cocktail

Blue chair bay vanilla rum

Have you heard, Blue Chair Bay Rum has just announced a vanilla flavored rum. Anytime a new rum is released it's cause for a little celebration, but maybe a little more so when it's from BCBR. It's a rum that represents the Caribbean Castaway lifestyle and lets you know it's okay a little, have some fun. Oh yeah, and the owner happens to sing some pretty cool songs. This week's boat … [Read more...]

Prepping for Cinco de Mayo with Cayman Jack Margaritas


There's no reason why every day can't be Cinco de Mayo. It's just a state of mind right? At least that's what I told myself last week when I found a Cayman Jack margarita in my hand and my toes buried in the sand of a semi-secret beach in Fort Myers, Florida. Now I'm a big fan of a good top-shelf margarita prepared by a professional bartend or preparing the sweet concoction myself at casa de … [Read more...]

Papa’s Pilar Old Havana: Boat Drinks

rum drink recipes

After one sip, you'll be walking the Malecón. I don't get all worked up about celebrities and never seek them out in places they might frequent. In saying that, there's something that dances up my spine when walking in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway. I don't know if it's because we share the same adventure seeking spirit, a student of the written word, or we both love to look down at the … [Read more...]

Peach Mango Rum Splash: Boat Drinks

Rum Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll be swinging from the rigging. Work, kids, responsibilities, bills--life can be a big headache sometimes. Sometimes the only medicine that can wash away the stress is a tropical vacation in a glass. Fruit juice, ice, and rum--it's all the medicine you'll need for a temporary island escape. This week's Boat Drink recipe is just that, a liquid tropical getaway. Called the … [Read more...]

Honey Go Drink Recipe: Boat Drinks

Honey Go Boat Drink Recipe

After one sip, you'll be dancing with the locals. Spring has finally arrived. Time to shake off the cabin fever and soak up a little Vitamin D. This week's Boat Drink recipe is a flavorful concoction that will put a little spring time pep in your step. It's refreshing, it's sweet, and it goes down way too easy. Let me introduce you to the Honey Go. Honey Go Boat Drink … [Read more...]