Giving Thanks To You…And A Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

After one sip, you'll give thanks to all that is rum. Thanksgiving is upon us and it's time to give thanks. I'd like to give thanks to delicious rum, speechless Caribbean beauty, and having wind in the sails, but most of all I'd like to give thanks to all of you...the Castaways. I would continue to write this blog if it were only my mother reading. But having readers like you to share in the … [Read more...]

Sip An Afrodisiac From AFROHEAD Rum

After one sip, you'll be...well, let's not talk about it. It's Tuesday night as I write this and I'm sipping on a glass of delicious AFROHEAD Rum. I was searching for a good recipe to share with all you thirsty Castaways and figured why not a drink recipe from the AFROHEAD collection. I hit up the rum website and one concoction jumped out at me, the Afrodisiac. Why did this one jump up and … [Read more...]

The Papa Coco: Boat Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll be hooking a marlin in the stream. We all have people we look up to and inspire to be like. Some people might be inspired by the President of the United States, others a famous sports figure or perhaps their mother and father. The point is we all have role models and aspire to live a life like certain figures. As a Castaway, I am inspired by a few people, one of those … [Read more...]

Warm Up With Spiced Rum Cider

After one sip, you'll be feeling warm all over. Here in Florida it seems the seasonal switch has been flipped. Good bye to the steamy rainy season and hello to the cool dry season. It's hard to enjoy your rag top Jeep when it rains every freaking day! October means the seasons are in transition every where. Tree foliage is beginning to change in the north and I've even seen reports of snow … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

How would you like to sip on a Key West daiquiri, or maybe make a delicious Caribbean salsa? Of course right. How about explore St. Vincent and the Grenadines, ponder a move to the Turks and Caicos or set foot on an island many may not even know about? Sounds like pure heaven to me. You can find all that in the stories I chose just for you in this week's Caribbean Wrap Up. Time to … [Read more...]

Tasting The Cannon Blast – Boat Drinks

After one sip, you'll be rolling down the beach. You may have seen a curious new spirit appearing on store shelves lately. It comes in a cannon ball style bottle and is meant to be shot (pun intended) not sipped. The new spirit I'm referring to is called Cannon Blast from Captain Morgan. Captain Morgan Cannon Blast is an intense blend of Captain Morgan's famed rum and a blend of strong … [Read more...]

Ti Punch With Rhum Clément: Boat Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll be talking with strangers on the coast of Martinique. In Martinique, a Ti’Punch (pronounced “tee paunch” or the more American way “tee punch) is more than just a cocktail, Ti’Punch is a part of Martinique’s culture. Ti’Punch brings together friends, reconciles foes, and is a way to welcome strangers with open arms. That associated culture certainly was brought to life the … [Read more...]

Happy National Rum Punch Day!

Raise 'em high for National Rum Punch Day!  Isn'it awesome that near everything has a special day? Cats, broccoli, and even talking like a pirate have "national" days dedicated to them. Just so happens that today is the day dedicated to one of our favorite drinks...Rum Punch! Rum punch comes in many different colors and tastes, the overall theme though is its fruity, refreshing, and tastes … [Read more...]

Gubba Gold Espresso Martini: Boat Drinks

After one sip, you'll be dancing on the sand all night long. It's funny how after a trip to the Caribbean, one becomes inspired and ready to take on new challenges that will hopefully bring them to the islands more often. That's what happened to me after a trip to St. John in 2007 and that's what happened to Steve Gubb, a passionate rum enthusiast, after a trip to St. Martin. After that trip … [Read more...]

Boat Drinks: The Pilar Rum-Rita, Mix With A Twist!

After one sip, you'll be fishing the stream. Margaritas have a special place in my my heart. They taste fantastic and it's impossible to have a bad time when there's one sitting in front of you. But as you know, rum translates to island time in a glass, so more often than not a refreshing rum punch will find its way to my lips. In saying that, margaritas have been on my mind more and more … [Read more...]

The Bahama Mama: Boat Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll be floating on the shallow seas. The Bahamas are becoming a second home to me. Fresh off a recent charter through the Exumas, I fall deeper in love with the island nation every time I visit. There's just something special about the waters, the people, the food, and the experiences. It's hard to wash those salty waters off of you when you return home. Home is the place … [Read more...]