Ti Punch With Rhum Clément: Boat Drink Recipes

ti punch recipe

After one sip, you'll be talking with strangers on the coast of Martinique. In Martinique, a Ti’Punch (pronounced “tee paunch” or the more American way “tee punch) is more than just a cocktail, Ti’Punch is a part of Martinique’s culture. Ti’Punch brings together friends, reconciles foes, and is a way to welcome strangers with open arms. That associated culture certainly was brought to life the … [Read more...]

Happy National Rum Punch Day!

National Rum Punch Day

Raise 'em high for National Rum Punch Day!  Isn'it awesome that near everything has a special day? Cats, broccoli, and even talking like a pirate have "national" days dedicated to them. Just so happens that today is the day dedicated to one of our favorite drinks...Rum Punch! Rum punch comes in many different colors and tastes, the overall theme though is its fruity, refreshing, and tastes … [Read more...]

Gubba Gold Espresso Martini: Boat Drinks

Espresso Martini Recipe

After one sip, you'll be dancing on the sand all night long. It's funny how after a trip to the Caribbean, one becomes inspired and ready to take on new challenges that will hopefully bring them to the islands more often. That's what happened to me after a trip to St. John in 2007 and that's what happened to Steve Gubb, a passionate rum enthusiast, after a trip to St. Martin. After that trip … [Read more...]

Boat Drinks: The Pilar Rum-Rita, Mix With A Twist!

Pilar Rum Recipe

After one sip, you'll be fishing the stream. Margaritas have a special place in my my heart. They taste fantastic and it's impossible to have a bad time when there's one sitting in front of you. But as you know, rum translates to island time in a glass, so more often than not a refreshing rum punch will find its way to my lips. In saying that, margaritas have been on my mind more and more … [Read more...]

The Bahama Mama: Boat Drink Recipes

Bahama Mama recipe

After one sip, you'll be floating on the shallow seas. The Bahamas are becoming a second home to me. Fresh off a recent charter through the Exumas, I fall deeper in love with the island nation every time I visit. There's just something special about the waters, the people, the food, and the experiences. It's hard to wash those salty waters off of you when you return home. Home is the place … [Read more...]

Coconut Castaway Rum Punch: Boat Drink Recipes

Coconut Rum Punch Drink Recipe

After one sip, you'll be high up in a coconut tree. I have a mission for you. Climb a coconut palm, knock down a couple coconuts, then stuff them into a bottle of smooth white rum. Sound doable? Okay okay, that might be a little extreme, but hey, we are pirates aren't we? How about just go grab a bottle of Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum instead, we have to make a rum punch recipe! The goal is to … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean news

Bahamian blue holes, a new Florida rum, Cuba travel basics and some painkiller love--this week's Caribbean Wrap Up has a little bit for everyone. Enjoy the escape! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Painkiller LOVE:  Dim the lights and cue the 1970’s era porno music because there’s a big love-fest going on over here for the one and only Painkiller cocktail. -Story by Rum Connection Black Coral Rum a … [Read more...]

The Taste of Cayman Boat Drink Sizzles

Cayman Sunet Drink Recipe

After one sip, your heart will be ablaze. I was first introduced to this drink on paper, but what type of introduction is that. I needed a sip of what sounded like pure magic to this boat drink consumer. It was my last day at the Westin Seven Mile Beach Resort on Grand Cayman. I had already flew across the neon blue water on a jet ski, sailed across the sound to Rum Point, swam with some … [Read more...]

The Winner of the Key West Express Drink Contest Is…

Key West Express drink

Today is the day. It's time to announce the winner of the Key West Express Drink Contest. It's been one week, I received over 30 drink recipes, narrowed it down to 5 finalists, and now there's just one drink standing. Without further delay, the winner of the drink contest is... 5 Shots to the Wind – By Patricia Dean Paulson One shot good dark rum (Mount Gay) One shot fresh squeezed … [Read more...]

5 Finalist for the Key West Express Drink Contest.

Key West Express drink finalists

The drink recipes are in and it's clear you Castaways know your cocktails. Below is a list of the five finalist. I will be meeting with the great staff of the Key West Express tonight to do a taste test of these five and then I will announce the winner this Wednesday. The winning person will receive two tickets aboard the Key West Express and will have their drink served on the ferry boat … [Read more...]

The Express De-stress: Boat Drink Recipe

Key West express drink recipe

After one sip, you'll be on the fast boat headin' south. Today is the last day to submit your drink recipe for the Key West Express Drink Contest. Tomorrow I'll be compiling all the recipe and getting with the staff of the Key West Express to pick the 5 finalists. Then it's on to the taste challenge to pick the winner. Do you want to go to Key West for free aboard the Key West Express? Do … [Read more...]