Mishka – Higher Heights Music Video


This week’s featured artist is Mishka, one of my favorites. His song Higher Heights has a lot of layers to it. It talks about political divide, the rich and poor, taking care of nature, and the differences in people from all around the world. I think that deep “unity” vibe is what makes reggae so powerful and cross cultural.

Funny story. My freshman year in college at Pittsburg State I was assigned a dorm roommate whom I’ve never met before. Oddly enough his name was also Ryan. We settle in and I notice he put up a poster with Jim Morrison, Bob Marley and Mick Jagger. At the time I wasn’t into that type of music but didn’t pay to much attention to it. Then one day we got into a big fight and I made fun of his musical tastes, at the time my only notion of Bob Marley was he was a pot smoking Jamaican. How ignorant and closed minded I was. I look back on that incident and feel 3 inches tall. It’s good that we mature and open our minds to new experiences as we get older, I think that’s what Mishka’s Higher Heights is trying to tell us.

Mishka – Higher Heights



Cheers to being open minded.



  1. Do you ever wonder what happened to him? Maybe he’s sitting on a beach in Jamaica somewhere reading your blog! :D

  2. Hi Nancie, I think about it sometimes. I do still feel bad to this day. Everyone travels on different life paths, I just hope he found one he enjoys. Cheers!

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