Michael McCloud – “Schooner Wharf Bar Dog”

Michael McCloud Schooner Wharf

Ahhhh, Key West.

There really is no place like it. It’s hard to pick just one thing that makes this rock such a unique destination, because there are a million reasons why. It’s the American Caribbean, it has a rich history and has been a haven for artistic singer songwriter types for decades. When you pack a small island with a high concentration of creative types, things can get a little wacky. And that’s why I love Key West, anything goes and nobody really cares.

You want to see a human dancing with a dog in a bar, go to Key West. American folk singer songwriter Michael McCloud is a regular performer at the Schooner Wharf bar and he has a song called “Schooner Wharf Bar Dog.” Can you see how the dancing dog story is starting to take shape now?

Here is a great video of the Schooner Wharf Bar Dog song, a Key West original by Michael McCloud. Cheers to the happy dancing couple!

Michael McCloud – “Schooner Wharf Bar Dog”

I don’t know much about Michael McCloud and his band. His website is very basic and I wasn’t able to find a lot of history on him. The one interesting thing I did find is that he filed copyright infringement against country singer Toby Keith in 2006. McCloud claims that Keith’s 2003 hit song I Love This Bar was copied largely from his, Tourist Town Bar song.

Have you enjoyed a night or two at the Wharf with the music of Michael McCloud filling the salty air? Ahhhhh, Key West.



  1. IslandNana says:

    That was so darn cute! :D
    Something tells me that wasn’t the first time they’ve danced together!
    Thanks for sharing, Ryan.

    And I like Michael’s song. Wonder if he has a CD…would like to hear more.

  2. He does have cd’s for sale. I love him & all his grumpiness! Never miss spending an afternoon there when I’m in KW!

  3. I listened to some of his other songs and they’re all pretty good. Can’t get enough of the Key West vibe. Cheers Stephanie and IslandNana!

  4. Stumbled upon your site Ryan and I love it! We live the mindset everyday and can’t help but love Michael McCloud. Have you listened to “She gotta butt”? Hilarious and even better live. I commented on his music in my recent blog post on Key West at weekdaydreamer.com. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi J.P., thanks for stopping by. I just checked out your site and it looks like you got a good thing going. Keep it up! Any island lover is a friend of mine. Cheers and thanks for the Blue Heaven link!

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