New Castaway Hats Have Arrived!

Castaway hats

The wait is over. Brand new Castaway hats have arrived! New style, new design, new colors. Put one of these puppies on and summer will never have to end.

It took me a long time to find a high enough quality hat that deserved to display the Castaway name on it. I knew I wanted a trucker hat style, but a lot of makers had stiff and cheep netting for the back. So that was one problem. I also knew that I wanted the had to have that worn in look, like it’s been to the beach a few times. The search ended when I ordered a hat from the Soggy Dollar Bar’s website. The hat arrived and it blew me away. It was the highest quality trucker hat that I had come across. I found the company that made them and quickly placed an order.

I think you guy are really going to love these. I’m rocking the one I have all the time now. Here is a closer look at each color. We have Blue, Green, Red and Black.

New Castaway Hats

Blue Castaway hat

Black Castaway Hat

Green Castaway Hat

Red Castaway Hat

Pretty sweet right! Show the world that you’re a Castaway!

 Castaway Hats Р$25

Colors Quantity

RumShopRyan Castaway Hats

Thank you so much for your orders! I really appreciate it. When your new hat arrives feel free to post a photo of yourself with it on the RumShopRyan Facebook page. Love seeing you guy with the gear!


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  1. The island of St. Thomas is going to look great in January from under the bill of one of those caps!

  2. Counting the days BigKahuna! Castaway Winter Beach Bash can’t get here fast enough! Cheers!

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