The Sterling Silver Sun Lyon Studio Castaway Necklace

Castaway Necklace

How do you show your love of the islands? Do photos of exotic beach scapes hang from the walls of your home? Does your closet have way to many t-shirts from rum serving beach bars? Maybe your flip flop collection is just a little out of control. If you’re anything like me then it’s a little bit of everything. The island lifestyle is part of our lives. It’s written into our DNA. Now a little piece of that lifestyle can hang around your neck.

Let me introduce you to the Castaway Necklace.

I teamed up with Jan Bennett, the well-known island artist of Sun Lyon Studios, to design something special for you Castaways. A sterling silver necklace that features the double palm with hammock logo of RSR on the front, and the words “Castaway, Island Dreamin'” on the back. Each pendant is hand made by Jan and goes through a special oxidizing process that gives it that worn island look.

Here are some photos for you.

Castaway Necklace By Sun Lyon Studios

Girls Castaway Necklace

Mens Castaway Necklace

Mens back

ladies Castaway Necklace

Mens Castaway Necklace

I absolutely love the one I have and I know you will too.

The men’s Castaway Necklace will sell for $110 and the women’s will sell for $80. The men’s pendant is just a hair over an inch in diameter and the women’s is 3/4 inch in diameter.

I do have to tell you that these are hand made and will take about 3 weeks for delivery. You know what they say, good things are worth the wait.

Men’s Castaway Necklace $110

Women’s Castaway Necklace $80

Let me know what you guys think of these. Rumor has it that you feel just a little closer to the ocean when one of these is hanging from around your neck. Island Dreamin’ indeed.


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  1. sweet!

  2. WOW! Those are AWESOME!
    Talk about a Christmas Gift!

  3. Glad you like them! Jan did a great job with it. Cheers!

  4. I want one! I clicked on the link for the women’s necklace, and the men’s is what comes up in the shopping cart. I tried the men’s thinking maybe they were backwards, but it comes up men’s as well.

  5. Yup – same thing – click on the women’s and the men’s loads (I actually want to buy both!). BTW – how do you specify black or brown cord? BTW2- does it attach with a clasp or tie or..?

  6. Becky, Warren…All fixed! Sorry about that. My coding skills are lacking, but all better now. Cheers!

  7. Just ordered one of each for my wife and me – our upcoming anniversary gifts to each other (but she doesn’t know it yet!)

  8. Just saw your orders Warren, thanks! They will make great “surprise” gifts! Cheers.

  9. What is the diameter of eash of the necklaces? Thanks in advance :)

  10. Great question Nancy. The men’s is just a hair over 1 inch in diameter and the women’s is exactly 3/4 inch. Cheers!

  11. do we really have to wait 3 weeks to get it? Bummer!

  12. Corey, she had a few made already. The first buyers won’t have to wait that long. Cheers!

  13. I hope thats me

  14. Oh, getting fancy now are we…. They look great… Still want one of the window clings, if you’re ever on our side of the world.

  15. Does it come with the black necklace? You show it 2 different ways.


  16. Don Seib says:

    Just got mine a week or two ago. Very nice. I would have perferred a different cord though. Nice workmenship. Very attractive.

  17. Do you have the mens one in stock?

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