Gustavia Harbor Webcam – St. Barts

Time to get back on schedule and give you guys a live view of a tropical paradise with this week’s island webcam.

Are you looking for that perfect day in paradise, relaxing in a hammock or chaise lounge, your body drinking in the sun as you listen to the sound of the waves on the shore, while sipping a cool drink: then St. Barts, the diamond of the Caribbean is a perfect fit.

St. Barts is definitely upscale, and a favorite of the rich and famous. Gustavia, a duty-free port, is a picturesque place of red-roofed buildings, boutiques, a yacht-filled harbor, and a very relaxed lifestyle.

St. Barts Gustavia Webcam

Live View From The Hotel Carl Gustaff
Camera Image

Isn’t that just about the most beautiful harbor you’ve seen? If you’ve been to St. Barts please leave a comment and let us know what you thought about it.



  1. May I order a Ti Punch? Lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise? A perfectly restored wooden sloop?

    At least one of the three?

    Cheers! wb

  2. Thanks for the comment Warren. I’ll take the sloop!

  3. Cool page Ryan, been following around a few of your pages checking things out.. thought you might enjoy my youtube channel, it’s all Caribbean! ;)


  4. Enjoyed a lot of your videos Rick, thanks for sharing!

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