Da Tree Men – Jost Van Dyke

Music Monday is upon us and Salt Life Sound brings you a little ditty about PainKillers, white sand beaches, Soggy Dollars and some guy named Ivan. I of course am talking about Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. Looking for fantasy island? Jost just might be the closest thing.

Adam C. Dell, lead singer of Da Tree Men, wrote the music and lyrics of this song, “Jost Van Dyke.” It’s a great song that puts you in the mood for those lazy days swaying in the hammocks at the Soggy Dollar Bar sipping on famous PainKillers.  Da Tree Men are working on more great island songs and looking to put an album together soon.

If you’re looking for more great island music check out BVImusic.com.

Da Tree Men debuted the song at The Elm in Cane Garden Bay on Tortola July 4, 2010.

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  1. Ryan you rock!! I was there and it was one of those exceptional nights. Thanks for the post and you will be hearing more from Da Tree Men!!

  2. De Tree Men Bassman – sorry

  3. chuckle

  4. Looking forward to it Pier! Cheers!

  5. I can’t see the link to listen to it………

  6. the video is embedded right on this page…
    and here http://www.bvimusic.com/?page_id=293

  7. Rosi, it’s the video. You can’t see the video?

  8. Thanks for posting this Ryan! I\’m a huge fan too – my husband is the drummer. (I\’m the one behind the video camera!) We\’ve had a lot of friends visit us here in the BVI and we always take them to Soggy Dollar Bar.

  9. My pleasure Amelia. I love the Jost song and can’t wait to hear more! Cheers.

  10. This song is great. We posted it to our Facebook Page for all of our Fans to enjoy….

    Thanks Again,
    White Bay Villas

  11. Cheers to White Bay!

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