Three Sheets hits Barbados – Rum Shop Heaven!

I just fell in love. I’ve heard of the show “Three Sheets” with Zane Lamprey, but had never seen it.  Then when I saw a link on to this Barbados show I had to watch. I couldn’t pass up a show about Rum Shops and turning invisible. Invisible? Just watch.

Zane goes to the birthplace of rum. He explores an island original known as Falernum, drinks “corn and oil,” and meets up with a local action sports celebrity who shows him local rum shops, and the Bajan culture.

Three Sheets Barbados

Love this show now!

Cheers…or should I say ACTION!



  1. Saw this when it aired… looks like he enjoyed his drink stop in our lovely island!

  2. bajan4life says:

    i am from Barbados and i am glad he enjoyed our wonderful island !!!

  3. Your island looks beautiful. It is on my short list of the next Caribbean islands that I need to visit. Heading to the store tonight to get some more Mt. Gay rum. Cheers!

  4. You should also check out the Jamaica and St. Martin episodes. Oh and Hawaii and Tahiti for some Pacific Island flavor.

  5. Thanks for the comment Scott. I will definitely check those episodes out. I’ll mix myself up a cold island drink and turn on the hulu. Cheers!

  6. Oh…forgot…the Puerto Rico episode also.

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