3 Pirate Treasures Never Found off the West Coast of Florida

The following characters are no Captain Jack Sparrow, they are the real deal. Taking Spanish treasure by force and hiding it in the sand for later use. Turns out they have to ditch the booty or get killed before they can bask in their spoils. Their lose, our gain!

• Calico Jack Rackham was another buccaneer who sailed the waters off Florida. Headquartering first in Cuba, he moved to the West Coast of Florida. Here, he buried his $2,000,000 treasure on an island some ten miles up either the Shark or Lostman’s River. (This treasure cache lie buried within the boundaries of the Everglades National Park and it is illegal to do any digging here.)

• In 1864, a U.S. gunboat chased a Confederate ship up the Suwannee River. As the Confederate vessel rounded the second bend of the river, the crew rolled off kegs of gold coins to prevent their capture by the Union gunboat.

• Apalachicola Bay… A Confederate blockade runner went down in the bay north of St. George Island, carrying $500,000 in silver bars and many Spanish coins.

(Stories came from treasurelore.com)


  1. Dean Pack says:

    Has anyone ever heard of indians stealing the booty from 2 or 3 ships from Va and transporting it through the Appalachian mountains (maybe by New River) of Wv? or anything related to this?


  2. It is possible that the indians stole the booty from the 3 pirates from West Fla Coast but I wouldn’t think so because of the much greater distance and obstacles to overcome.


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  1. douglas pitassi

    Lost Pirate Treasure in Florida. – Spanish Gold and Silver, Florida Gold

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