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Exuma Cruises

New Exuma Castaway Cruise Opening

Hey Castaways! Space has just opened up for July 4th Exuma Castaway Cruise. The passengers that were signed for the Exumas over July 4th have moved their trip to another date so the boat is available. July 1-8th. Are you interested? If so just use the form below and let me know. The tickets for the Exuma Cruises are $1499pp, but Captain Mike can offer a $200 discount for … [Read More...]

Blue Rum Drink Recipe

Could This Rum Drink Kill You?

After one sip, the long slumber is on its way. I've said this before, there's just something stylish and fun about a blue cocktail. They catch people's eye and tell on-lookers that you're out for a good time. They are usually pretty simple drinks and Blue Curacao is almost always involved. But there's nothing wrong with simple if they taste like paradise. But this drink has a … [Read More...]

Caribbean Blogs

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Where do you want to go? Where is your St. Somewhere? Is it hiking the trails of Dominica or diving the reefs of Bonaire? Or is it relaxing in luxury at an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas or sipping rum at a beach bar in the BVI? Whatever your perfect recipe for escape looks like you'll be able to find some of the ingredients in this week's Caribbean Wrap Up. Enjoy the … [Read More...]

Caribbean Wrap Up Key West

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

One of the biggest thrills I get is when Castaways like yourself share with me your Caribbean and rum adventures. Nearly every day I receive a photo of a beach, asking me about a bottle of rum, or showing me that you're living with your toes in the sand. I'm floored that you remember to think of this humble website, and honored that you want to share it with me and other salty … [Read More...]

Cockspur rum drink recipe

The Cockspur Corn & Oil: Boat Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll feel the spur dig in. Barbados is one of the Caribbean islands that has eluded me thus far. A sin I know. It's been called the birthplace of rum and a good friend, Mr. Rum Connection was just there exploring the island's famous rum culture. Because of this, I was inspired to sip on a little Bajan rum. Cockspur. Cockspur is a wonderful rum that hails … [Read More...]

St. Maarten Trip

Dream Getaway to Saint Maarten

Stunning beaches, mouth-watering food, casinos, and tons of activities--viva la St. Maarten! I've only spent a few days on St. Maarten, but the time I was there really made an impression on me. Everyone needs the chance to experience this island with two distinct personalities, and so much charisma. That's why when I heard about Caribbean BlueBook's St. Maarten giveaway, I wanted to … [Read More...]

Caribbean Travel Tips

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

From Nevis to Jamaica, to Anguilla and Turks and Caicos--this week's Caribbean Wrap Up has us bouncing to some pretty amazing places. Read about Pusser's new Gunpoweder Proof rum, find out which Caribbean paradise the late artist Prince loved to spend time on, and get to know Portland, Jamaica as well as the seductive Nevis. Don't you wish we could snap our fingers and boom, we … [Read More...]

papas pilar rum

Papa’s Summer Punch – Dive In

After one sip, you'll be reeling in a big one. Are you in the mood for a little summer time? The season of warm sunny days, splashing in the pool, fishing on the boat, and exploring exciting new islands is just around the corner. To help you wrap your arms around the summer time feeling, I give you Papa's Summer Punch by Papa's Pilar Rum. Papa's Summer Punch Drink … [Read More...]

Caribbean Castaway

New RumShopRyan Caribbean Castaway Koozies!

They've been a long time coming, but the new RumShopRyan Caribbean Castaway koozies are finally here. These have the new logo on them and the branded hashtag of #JustGo to help give you a little nudge to take that Caribbean trip you've been dreaming about. The koozies come in three colors as you can see; black, white, and lime green. You can call one yours for only $5. Owning a … [Read More...]

Caribbean Travel Tips

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Do you have any summer travel plans that involve the Caribbean? May is generally the start of 0ff- or slow-season in the islands. You'll find great deals on hotels and charters, unfortunately I haven't seen much of a dip in airfare prices. You would think that will the fall in oil and gas prices, that airfares would fall as well. Well they haven't. A couple weeks ago I bought two … [Read More...]

Sailing Bracelet

Say Hello To Sail Swag

Hey Castaways! I would like to introduce you to the latest RSR advertiser, a company I think you will all really like...Sail Swag. I've always been in love with boating, but taking my first week long sail through the BVI a couple years ago really set the hook. From that point on I've been learning how to sail, studying different types of boats and saving for a vessel to call my … [Read More...]

pusser's rum

Boat Drink Recips: Pusser’s Ginger Sea Dog

After one sip, you'll be washing up on shore. When you think of Pusser's Rum, I'm betting most of you immediately think of the famous Painkiller cocktail. And why wouldn't you, the drink is freaking amazing and is associated with the beautiful BVI, one of the most beautiful spots in all the Caribbean. But did you know there are other Pusser's Rum drinks? I know right! Who … [Read More...]

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